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Actualités sur la Grippe A (H1N1)

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91 More than 1,000 deaths in past week from H1N1: WHO
92 Jump in global swine flu deaths
93 Swine-flu vaccinations exceed one million as death rate rises
94 Few adverse reactions to U.S. flu vaccine
95 Swine Flu Transmission Could Be Reduced By 21 Percent By School Closure
96 Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 - update 76
97 H1N1 Health Alert: Children With Asthma At Greater Risk From H1N1 Influenza
98 School closures could curb the spread of swine flu
99 Tamiflu still fights H1N1 despite resistant cases: WHO
100 Swine flu: shutting schools 'would cut cases by one fifth'
101 Swine flu linked to serious respiratory disease
102 Greater Use of Vaccine for Infection Is Urged
103 General Population May Have Some Immunity to Swine Flu
104 U.S. Sees Rise in Secondary Infections After Flu
105 CDC: Swine Flu Vaccine Safe; No Big Problems Seen
106 New: CDC Guidance for Emergency Shelters for the 2009-2010 Flu Season
107 NEW: Quick Facts for the Public on Antiviral Treatments for 2009 H1N1
108 WHO gathers data on H1N1 mutations
109 International Swine Flu Conference
110 Tamiflu-resistant swine flu infects patients in Wales, UK
111 A (H1N1) swine influenza - latest news
112 Millions more than thought already had swine flu Government scientists say
113 CDC: 'Beginning To See Some Declines In Swine Flu'
114 Doctors try lung bypass machine for sickest H1N1 patients
115 Asthma increases hospitalization risk among children with swine flu
116 Evidence Does Not Connect H1N1 Vaccine To Patient Deaths, WHO Says
117 Focetria Novartis Influenza A(H1N1) 2009 Informations
118 European Medicines Agency Reaffirms Efficacy And Safety Of H1N1v Pandemic Vaccines
119 Flu jab warning as new strain emerges
120 Four on Hajj killed by swine flu
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