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Accueil The great breathlessness of cardiopulmonary diseases
The great breathlessness of cardiopulmonary diseases Imprimer Envoyer
Mardi, 13 Février 2018 08:29

Shortness of breath is related to a loss of ventilatory efficiency [1, 2]. Wasted ventilation is proportional to the ratio of ventilation (V'E) to carbon dioxide output (V'CO2) taken as a measure of metabolic rate. Excessive V'E/V'CO2 measured during an exercise stress test is uniformly associated with a decreased life expectancy in cardiorespiratory diseases. Therefore, as argued by Weatherald et al. [3] in a scholarly fashion in the present issue of the European Respiratory Journal, cardiopulmonary exercise testing with measurements of ventilation and gas exchange have to be part of the initial evaluation and follow-up of any patient with a cardiac or a respiratory condition.

Author:Naeije, R., Faoro, V.

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