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Accueil Automatic versus manual oxygen administration in the emergency department
Automatic versus manual oxygen administration in the emergency department Imprimer Envoyer
Vendredi, 21 Juillet 2017 08:19

Oxygen is commonly administered in hospitals, with poor adherence to treatment recommendations.

We conducted a multicentre randomised controlled study in patients admitted to the emergency department requiring O2 ≥3 L·min–1. Patients were randomised to automated closed-loop or manual O2 titration during 3 h. Patients were stratified according to arterial carbon dioxide tension (PaCO2) (hypoxaemic PaCO2≤45 mmHg; or hypercapnic PaCO2>45–≤55 mmHg) and study centre. Arterial oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry (SpO2) goals were 92–96% for hypoxaemic, or 88–92% for hypercapnic patients. Primary outcome was % time within SpO2 target. Secondary endpoints were hypoxaemia and hyperoxia prevalence, O2 weaning, O2 duration and hospital length of stay.

187 patients were randomised (93 automated, 94 manual) and baseline characteristics were similar between the groups. Time within the SpO2 target was higher under automated titration (81±21% versus 51±30%, p<0.001). Time with hypoxaemia (3±9% versus 5±12%, p=0.04) and hyperoxia under O2 (4±9% versus 22±30%, p<0.001) were lower with automated titration. O2 could be weaned at the end of the study in 14.1% versus 4.3% patients in the automated and manual titration group, respectively (p<0.001). O2 duration during the hospital stay was significantly reduced (5.6±5.4 versus 7.1±6.3 days, p=0.002).

Automated O2 titration in the emergency department improved oxygenation parameters and adherence to guidelines, with potential clinical benefits.

Author:L'Her, E., Dias, P., Gouillou, M., Riou, A., Souquiere, L., Paleiron, N., Archambault, P., Bouchard, P.-A., Lellouche, F.

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